Mediana operates in Information Technology to provide companies with support and advanced tools for optimal management of the amount of information on which a modern business strategy is based.

Established in 1994 as a company specialized in Sales Force Automation sector. With the liberalization of the Energy Market Mediana has been renewed by investing its resources in a sector that presents technical, legislative and bureaucratic peculiarities, developing specific products related to Electricity and Gas billing processes.

Although this sector is still the core business of the company, Mediana is expanding its expertise in new areas with advanced software. On the one hand, traditional energy-related products are gaining value thanks to gaining new knowledge and experience. On the other hand, the new frontier is the solution for end-user services both in the development of business and sales management applications and in the creation of tools for customer care.

Over the years, Mediana has developed specific skills in business processes and in the needs of utilities operating companies, from billing to marketing leverage and market analysis.

In this regard, Mediana aims to develop highly customizable solutions in order to optimize costs and development times.

Evolving from the simple product Software sale to the role of System Integrator, Mediana guarantees continuity of customer relationship and focuses proper team work on a personalized consulting services.

With accurate organization and the use of the advanced technology standards Mediana developed secure, efficient and intuitive software.

    • 2019
      Mediana joins the Lutech Group

      Lutech, a growing group of companies that supports the digital transformation of its customers, recognizes Mediana as a valuable partner to expand and consolidate their offering in the Energy & Utilities sector.

      • 2018
        Electronic invoicing

        Introduction of electronic invoicing.

      • 2017
        Software restyling

        New graphic design and technological upgrade of the XP customer portal and the XE billing system.

      • 2016
        Regulatory newsletter service

        Mediana, thanks to a continuous monitoring of ARERA regulations, for all its customers activates the service of Regulatory Newsletter.

      • 2014 Focus on reports and services

        With the implementation of the 5C tool for E.ON Italy, dedicated to call center outsourcing and reporting, Mediana further deepens the software development expertise in the services sector.

      • 2013 Web, mobile and energy, a winning combination

        Mediana continues its specialization in web and mobile applications thanks to a major  relationship growth with E.ON Spain: both web portal for customers and apps for IOS and Android are realized. At the same time, NPS is further updated with the Antichurn tool. Mediana's confidence in the management of energy-related projects is reflected in the new collaboration with SOEnergy for the implementation of XEnergy for billing and web portal for customer.

      • 2011-2012 Apps, new Mediana frontiers

        Collaboration with Poste Italiane for the implementation of the app for IOS and Android is the occasion for Mediana to further grow in the field of software development. At the same time, E.ON's relationships further solidify with new projects in collaboration with the Benelux division.

      • 2010 E.ON, a productive collaboration

        Growth of the relationship with E.ON Italy by creating the first customer web portal and the new NPS software, a tool dedicated to customer care and management of the Call Center, used both by Italian and Spanish offices.

      • 2008 New horizons with E.ON Italy

        The E.ON multinational acquires MPE Energia, laying the foundations for a lasting collaboration with Mediana. This event leads to an important upgrade of XEnergy software, which is expanded to handle multithreading billing.

      • 2006-2007 Energy expertise

        Creation of the first version of the XContract for MPE Energia and implementation of the XEnergy for AF Energia. Mediana's competence in the energy field is growing.

      • 2004-2005 New products in Mediana suite

        Thanks to solid experience in tailor-made software the XRent application for the management of Komatsu's rental machines is developed. Also the competence in energy sector is expanded thanks to XeGas, developed for the Argos company

      • 2003 The new foundation

        Xtructure is developed for TecnoEnergia, the basic infrastructure for the implementation of the first version of XEnergy and Xervice, software for warranty management, damage and repayment of machinery for Komatsu.

      • 2002 Know-How acquires Mediana

        Know-How, a major software consulting firm, decides to acquire Mediana to grow the two realities in parallel and get the most out of synergy between the two companies.

      • 2000 Mediana expands

        With the implementation of PCREM software for the management of sales force, Mediana begins to collaborate with important Italian companies such as Guaber, Zuegg, Fischer, Ferroli, Samo, Umbra, Morellato, Ferplast and De Roma.

      • 1994 Mediana is established

        In the midst of Information Technology boom and the start of broadband internet expansion, Mediana is founded with the goal of embarking on the new software development market.


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      Ready to start to collaborate with Mediana?

      Ready to start to collaborate with Mediana?